iCAN Community Gardens

iCAN Community Gardens is managed under Ipswich Community Alliance Network (iCAN). As we are proud to announce to the public that iCAN has obtained a lease from the Department Main Roads Queensland and is in the process of establishing a Community gardens for the public. The site name of the community gardens is ( iCAN Community Gardens ) Address: 89 to 95 Keogh Street, West Ipswich For more information please contact iCAN for any inquires at

Email: info@icanipswich.org.au

Phone: 07 3608 4080

89 to 95 Keogh Street,

West Ipswich

Phone: 07 3608 4080

Meeting updates:

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About our gardens

As you can appreciate a Community Gardening is a valuable activity, contributing to the sustainability and well‐being of the wider community and providing an extensive range of environmental, social, recreational, health and educational benefits.

It is a unique use of public open space, managed by the community primarily for producing food and contributing to the development of a sustainable urban environment. It is a place for learning and sharing about sustainable living practices whilst actively building community through shared activities, and contributing to improved health and well‐being.

We envision that it will be so much more, as we like to reach out to all groups of people, especially the underprivileged and fringe groups that find it hard to be part of a community. We also hope to make it multicultural by inviting all to take part in this garden and hope to encourage community involvement.

We would like to incorporate a place to meet, a place to share and learn from each other, but also a place where charities can work together to help our community.

iCAN is a charity and our aim is to help the underprivileged and creating a feel of belonging in which the underprivileged can thrive and feel part of the community again.

It is a rather large vision, which will need lots of planning, but also help and commitment from the community.

Hence, we have had an opening day to invite people to help plan for this, share their vision for such a community garden and what they would like to see. It is no good for the members of iCAN to build this according to our vision, if that possible does not line up with the needs and vision of the community.

iCAN‘s members are all volunteers and all money raised by us goes directly to projects in the community. We have very enthusiastic members and that has brought us to the point that we now can open this garden.

This is some of the fruit and vegetables you could be growing in our community gardens.

This is how big the property is

Photo from the open day in 3rd November 2018

As this is a very big vision we have had as we need the help from the community so we can achieve our goal so we can help the the needing in the community and to produce other great projects in the community too. We have had very enthusiastic members that have brought us to the point that we now can say we are open to the public and ready to see some fruit and veggie gardens growing.

Open Day Photos

Open Day Photos

Open Day Photos

Working Bee 19/1/ 2019

Today we had several busy little bees cleaning up the community gardens and watering the dragon fruit.

This pic here is showing we are marking out the path and where to put the garden beds for the community to use

Latest News from iCAN Community Gardens:

A BIG THANKS to Gem Slashing for kindly donating their time and machinery to slash the iCAN Community Gardens blocks on Saturday morning the 9th February 2019. This was organised by our hard working Secretary Bev.

We will continue to maintain and plan for your community gardens.

Please disregard any posts from ex disgruntled terminated members that try to claim credit as posts by these people are unauthorised.

Property 89 Keogh Street West Ipswich. All been slashed by: Gem Slashing Ipswich Land Maintenance Specialists

Property 89 - 95 Keogh Street West Ipswich. All been slashed by: Gem Slashing Ipswich Land Maintenance Specialists

If you have any spare aluminium, glass, plastic, steel and liquid paperboard beverage containers between 150ml and three litres you want to donate? iCAN now has an ID, so when you are dropping off your bottles/containers for refund, if you want to send your donation our way, use C10002762 as the number at the Refund Point. Your donation will go back into the community to helping the those in need.

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